What Happens at the Average FOMC Meeting and Why It Matters So Much

To those on the outside, the activities of the nation’s Federal Reserve Bank can seem almost inscrutable. The Fed is actually a nationwide network of quasi-public banks and their members, with the leaders of each serving on a range of influential committees. Through its policies and lending activities, the Federal Reserve Bank guides the nation’s monetary activity, steering it toward what its leaders believe will be the norms most productive for the broader economy.

Of all the Federal Reserve Bank’s several committees, the Open Market Committee is certainly the most influential. The Open Market Committee is tasked with setting policies that govern the way the Fed interacts with the private markets that make the national and international economies hum. The policies that the Open Market Committee lays down therefore serve as a bridge between the Fed’s internal resolutions and the real, everyday public activities that contribute directly to economic well-being for average people.

What happens at the average FOMC meeting therefore often revolves around questions related to the broader economy. The Federal Reserve Bank never acts in a vacuum, always seeking to make sure that its decrees and actions will contribute to economic vitality for the United States. The Open Market Committee is most intimately tied to the broader economic situation, though, so its members have to refer regularly to what is going on in the world around them as they deliberate.

The Open Market Committee has a number of tools for influencing the domestic and global economies, but one stands out above the others. That most powerful of cudgels is the so-called overnight lending rate, a toll exacted every time banks engage in the briefest and most common of borrowing from one another and the Fed.

Because overnight lending is such a crucial lubricator of the financial system, the rate set by the Fed tends to have far-reaching effects. A slight bump in the overnight lending rate, for example, directly influences the rate that banks charge for lending to prime-qualified businesses. An increase or drop in that prime lending rate directly affects the rates that consumers pay on their credit card balances and other loans, making the Open Market Committee’s actions especially momentous.

Learning How to Research Stocks to Buy Today

Making the best decisions in regard to stocks to buy today requires research. If someone wants to become an active trader and hold securities only for a few days or a few weeks, this person could begin by making a list of about 20 stocks that are in an uptrend and are affordable for this particular portfolio. Many active traders like to focus on only a few sectors so they can avoid feeling scattered. Concentrating on two or three market sectors, such as Internet and pharmaceutical stocks, can allow an individual to become much more knowledgeable about how specific securities tend to behave on a daily basis in regard to price changes. A certain average daily trading volume also should be considered, since low-volume securities have a tendency to experience both price stagnation and unpredictable volatility.

Once this list has been developed, the trader’s workday should start early. The individual should be at the computer at least an hour before the market opens to research the latest relevant news. He or she also should check the list of possibilities for aftermarket price changes as well as the aftermarket trend for the broader market. One security can assuredly move in opposition to the general market trend, but it’s typically better to go with the flow. If the trader is looking to buy stocks but Dow Jones and NASDAQ stocks are heading downward, this is probably a good day to sit out.

It’s best to spend at least two or three months on these activities and to work with a technique known as “paper trades.” Paper trading means practicing trading without actually being in the market. This is a very effective technique for becoming acquainted with typical price movements and learning how each stock in the list moves up in price, reverses for a short time and then moves up again. The market student learns the best points of entry to make profitable short-term trades.

With this combination of methods, a new trader gains a competitive edge over others who haven’t bothered to do their homework. Routinely practicing trading throughout the day before ever making an actual trade might lead to the individual feeling impatient to get started for real, but it’s advantageous for success.


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